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Hhai ~ My name is CupcakeNyan and i post mostly shit i love. I mainly reblog cute freebies and cheap stuff, cuz i´m so poor,
u know :3 Feel free to message me ;)
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LOOKBOOK: story.


exciting news! [THD] (The hellish Diva) accepted my blogger application! yeah that’s amazing. That why im blogging this THD dress ( u can get highwaisted skirt too tho, but i wanted to blog this.)

It was pretty hard to first choose what shirt i should wear, but i ended up to wear amitomo old the chapter four shirt. (comes with skirt) someone may know that im addiced to amitomo lol!

I got this shoes from Tulip. she is having closing sale, all hairs, shoes, clothes are in sale. ridiculous prices. the sale is ends today and then she closes her sho, so go and get some  items u may have wanted! now you will get 50% sale :D

Hair: little bones. - Dark Chapel , gg group fee 100L

Eyebrows: [The Skinnery] Marni Brows 15, old the arcade gacha

#adored - vampy eyeliner, 10L

Shirt: AMITOMO - tutu tulle skirt+roll up Tshirt #5, old the chapter four item (u can buy it from amitomo mainstore)

Skirt: [THD] Simple Dress / Jumpsuit

Shoes: tulip. Buckle Wedge Sandals



Wearing this little bones. boo-ti-ful hair that you can get free from the mainstore. It comes with all the HUDs, tons of colours to choose. i looked little bit bald so i put together this ILLMATIC Kawaii Kawaii hairbase. The hair fits every outfit im wearing, so many colours to choose. Nova is very kind to put out cute ahirs for free. (well you need to join to the group, the group fees 100L)

And after struggling with clothes i found a shop that gave for free this shirt and skirt. + in comes with texture change HUD. This hair and these clothes, so beautiful together. I’ve never wore so cute like this lol.

Hair: little bones.

Hairbase: ILLMATIC

Makeup: #adored

Makeup: NOX.

Choker: XYZ

Sweater: mimpi*

Skirt: mimpi*



Im first time using props, excited of em.

Today im wearing /// offbeat /// goodbye summer dress that i got from the chapter four. i just love it, it’s simple & cute. btw. it’s gacha 69L/per play.

I visited in The Thrift shop too, got this cig from der. NikotiN makes cig gachas and stuff like that. It comes with HUD that you can control how many minutes you want to smoke da cig. You can choose where the smoke comes out, nouse, ear mouth etc. It’s fabolous.

Had to check .::Shy Girls::. mainshop and ofc bought so much stuff. Now im wearing the yellow eyeliner and Pear&shell FaceGem, the facegem is 100% mesh.

And last thign i need to tell bout is these REIGN  awesome plat shoes. Finally got these super sassy platforms. now they are one of my fav shoes.

Hair: [Lelutka]

Eyeliner: .::Shy Girls::.

FaceGem: .::Shy Girls::.

Dress: /// offbeat ///

Shoes: REIGN.


Shelf - i made it myself

Bottle - PILOT

Relax sign - [PM] Pixel Mode



So today i will be posting .::Shy Girls::. so amazing sick eyes makeup. It’s so amazing, they go with any black in black outfit. You’ll get 4 diffrent colors, black, blue, green and purple.

I’ve been wore this in my every everyday outfit. The makeup makes you look sicky and tired, that why i just love it.

Im first time posting something from -Pixicat-, this cup on my head is one of her first items that she made. It’s funny, cute and just… so simple. It’s modifyable so you can eidit the color to anything you want!

Hair: [Lelutka] ROCHELLE - Light browns

Makeup: .::Shy Girls::. Sick Eyes, Purple

Cup: -Pixicat- Cup On Head, 10L

Collar: Nana - Hachi Collar, group gift group fee 50L

Sweater: =[DarkSide]= Sweater:Deers,

Skirt: IAF Black Flared Skirt

Shoes: FLite. x REIGN Creepers White

Backpack: AMITOMO.Black Mood Backpack Rare #1, 69L/per play

LOOKBOOK: denim.

Hai everyone! First i want to say huge thankiu to my friend Momo who makes super good makeups, i love her shop, i just want to grab all of the makeups. She’s getting better all the time, Momo makes all the time new stuff and she works her ass off.  check her shop ~

I’ve been inactive in Tumblr lately, im sorry =u-u= i need to study all the time and i dont have much time. But when I heard that Amitomo has new stuff , i of course went to her stuff and bought so much! =w= Im here showing the Chapter Four product,Vintage Denim jacket.
You get 2 diff textures with the jacket. A blank one and one with print.

Hair: [Lelutka] - ROCHELLE Light Brown Pack

Makeup: .::Shy Girls::. Glam Eyeliners, glameyeliner gold

Makeup: Izzie’s Glossy Highlights

Shirt: AMITOMO. Vintage Denim Jacket #3, The Chapter Four

Shorts: -SU!- B Boop Shorts BLUE

Shoes: (fd) Bossy Boots - Plain Mint, gacha 75L$/per play

- Wasabi Queen

for more info: cupcakenyan

studying to exam be like:

LOOKBOOK: Not anymore your

Hair: Magika [01] Almonds

Dress: [mon ami] Bouquet Dress White

Skin: [AMITOMO] hyo skin tone 1

- Luhana (cupcakenyan) De Wasabi queen.

LOOKBOOK: I didn’t gave up, i just never woke up again.



Headband: Magika [Headband], group gift

Hair: .Liquence. F7 - Natural Fades

Skin: [AMITOMO] - Hyo Tone 1

Dress: .::Shy Girls::. PeterCollar Dress Black, only 60L

-CupcakeNyan Wasabi Queen 


Hai my wasabi’s! Sorry for been inactive lately, because my school just started and exams and other stuff.

See you soon wasabi’s ~

LOOKBOOK: Lazy days.

Hair: Liquence - F7 Natural Fades

Headband: {amiable} 200 member gift , free gift + group is free to join.

Eyebrows: [LDP] Lovely Eyebrows , shape 1 tintable eyebrows

Makeup: NOX. Eyebags [Light]

Makeup: NOX. Sunspots Two

Makeup: #adored - vampy eyeliner , 10L

Glasses: .::ShyGirls::. Shimmer Glasses - BLACK RARE , 20L / per play  tysm. momo!

Sweater: AMITOMO. crewneck sweater - @#$%&ki #2

Underpants: *Epic* [JOJ Female #26] , past hunt gift.

Phone: VCO - miki phone <RARE4> mini

- CupcakeNyan / Wasabi Queen ;3

LOOKBOOK: sugar cube.

Hair: Liquence. - F7 Natural Fades

Makeup: #adored - vampy eyeliener , 10L

Makeup: NOX. sunspots Two

Eyebrows: [LDP] Lovely Eyebrows , shape 1

Polaroid: :: {u.f.o} ::pori polaroid camera - whitepink

Dress: ::{u.f.o}::blooming moment dress - purple cardigan

Bag: :{u.f.o}::catty three concept bag - flower1

Shoes: !1mm***   Sabot Sandals (ice) , you can change the color of socks

- Cupcakenyan ;3

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